Frequently Asked Questions

What is Luna?

Luna is a Virginia-based “C” corporation that designs and delivers educational programs and a startup accelerator. Our mission is to advance women in business. To fulfill our vision, we provide women with top-notch business education, mentorship, resources, and support. Our programs empower women with the confidence to break through their limits, reach their full potential, and successfully navigate their transformational journey into the future.

Who is this for?

Luna offers programs for female entrepreneurs and executives who are serious about building a scalable, repeatable and investable business. We offer three distinct accelerator programs – for early stage startups, for established business owners, and, for women in leadership – designed to meet you where you are at every stage of your business and career development.

Whats involved in the program?

Luna offers intensive, immersive and transformative programs that will push you to grow personally and professionally. Join a cohort of like-minded female founders who are all working hard to build their businesses. You will be immersed in the program for up to 6-months and connect with industry experts and mentors who will help accelerate your success. We encourage you to embrace feedback, as constructive appraisal is part of the process; we are here to cheer you on AND to ask you hard questions that will make your business better, faster, and more profitable. Luna has created a safe space where you will test your ideas, fail fast and emerge stronger than you were before you started your journey. We offer world-class events and workshops during the program as well as a demo day. After the accelerator program ends, Luna will help you maintain your momentum as you continue to build your business. Expect introductions to our investors, partners, sponsors and media.

When is the next program taking place?

Visit our Get Started page to see the latest open programs.

What's included?

In our programs you will get education, mentorship, resources and support you need to build launch and grow your business. Here's an overview of what's included:

How much does it cost?

The value you receive for our program exceed the cost! (chart graphic)

Does it work?

Our proven method provides you with a strategic approach to building your business. In addition to a thorough, intensive and interactive curriculum, you have full lifetime access to our Global Network of mentors, experts, advisors and investors as well as invitations to our ongoing business training programs. Here are some of our program statistics: And here's what people say about the results they valued most:

Who should apply?

If you are a woman with a business, or an idea for a business, Luna is here to help accelerate your success. We're here to step on the gas with you, to connect you to funding sources, and to help you make your business agile, effective, and profitable. Female entrepreneurs from all industries are encouraged to apply. The common thread among our applicants is their drive and determination to grow. Here are some examples of companies who have been through our program previously: • A small jewelry company wants to move into the jewelry rental business, the founder came to Luna to get expert advice on the best way to approach a subscription business model, to identify the best sources of funding, and to understand the logistics and staffing requirements. • A mobile app company that provides safety messages to heavy industry wanted to add consulting services, the foudner came to Luna with a goal to create her messagin, and developing a plan to appropriately price and package services. • Our sweetest founder wanted to take her made homemade jam to the next level. She had an established niche in her local community, and wanted to understand how to grow and expand beyond her current market, and take her distribution national and then global. All of these businesses have experience and a proven product, but they need mentorship, resources and support to take that next step. Our cross-functional team of experts and mentors is dedicated to solving the challenge of helping you and your business grow.

Do I need to move to participate?

Nope! No moving required. All of Luna's programs are offered online. We created our programs to work with your busy life. And as women, we know the struggle is real and that some days it's hard to find the time to take a shower, much less move across the country for 3-6 months! Our programs to meet you where you are. For example, our signature Start Up Accelerator offers two cohorts in the morning and in the evening so you can take classes after the kids leave for school, or work on your side hustle when you get off from work. We've got your back! As a program participant, you will be invited to our live in-person events and retreats and have opportunities to connect with your cohort face-to-face.

Is office space provided?

No, office space is not provided.

Do you take equity in participating companies?

Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. As an education provider, Luna does not take equity in the startups that we accelerate.

How many people can attend from each company?

Each applicant includes space for 1 founder and 2 additional team members who are eliglbe to participate at 50% off the published program price. You are able to bring more team members, although they will not be eligible for the discount price.

I’m an experienced entrepreneur. Why should I apply?

Luna was designed and developed by experienced entrepreneurs. We understand what it takes to build, launch and grow a successful business, and every step in our program is remarkably calculated to accelerate your success. Our program has evolved from over 10 years of our team's experience in leading high-touch, high-value coaching and consulting programs for the world’s most promising entrepreneurs. You will develop knowledge and skills and find inspiration and spark new ideas. Even the most experienced entrepreneurs leave feeling refreshed, with renewed energy and the inspiration they need to share their ideas to the world.

What happens during the program?

Our programs are intensive, immersive, and transformative, and we address your personal and professional development. Expect to emerge better, faster, and more profitable than you were when you started the program.

What happens after the program?

The alumni of our accelerator programs never stop enjoying the benefits of being part of our network of entrepreneurs, mentors, experts, investors, advisors and partners. After the program, we continue to serve as tireless advocates for our female founders, leveraging our relationships and connections within our network to add value, whether by helping you get access where you need it, or by having your back to help you solve even the most challenging of circumstances. As an alumni you are always welcome at Luna. You will enjoy exclusive access to networking, training and developmental events, and many alumni return as guest speakers, recruiters, and even as program participants to continue acclerating their success.

How do I get started?

To get started, select your program level and begin your application. START UP - For early stage startups SCALE UP - For current business owners LEVEL UP - For women in leadership Your application will not be finalized until you have submitted the application and your application fee. Luna requires a $99 application fee to reserve your spot. Space in the accelerator is limited to 50 participants, so apply early to claim your spot. Once you submit payment, you will receive an email with instructions to schedule your on-boarding call with our admissions team. The call will help us understand your goals and objectives for the program.

Is there a geographic focus?

Our main focus is finding the most promising companies, regardless of where they are located. We've worked with female founders from across the United States and around the world, and we are delighted to note that Luna is a global accelerator that has helped entrepreneurs from more than 30 countries.

Do you invest in companies?

No, Luna does not invest in the companies we accelerate.

Will you sign an NDA?

Luna does not sign non-disclosure agreements. Why? We believe that ideas are easy, and it’s the execution and team that are drives a successful business. You are more likely to benefit from sharing your ideas and gathering as much feedback as possible to help you refine your plans. Tell us as much as you feel comfortable sharing without an NDA, and know that your application is only seen by our core team.

How do you assess my application?

We review each application on a case by case basis to make sure you are in the best accelerator to achieve your goals. With three distinct programs, Luna has an accelerator that works well for almost any business idea. Here are a few situations we are often asked about: -Women entrepreneurs and female founders are encouraged to apply; with that in mind, our program is open to everyone. -We are passionate about promoting diversity and inclusion and are actively seeking startups led by women of color. - Luna is proud to support veteran entrepreneurs and military spouses, and we offer a 50% discount off our published program price, we can discuss details during your onboarding call. -We are excited about technology, tech transfer, consumer goods and services, social enterprises, and businesses that improve the lives of women and girls. -We welcome startups that are commercializing new technologies through tech transfer grants and programs.

Need more information?

Email us at with questions.