Classes begin on March 31, 2020

Launch Academy

Turn your idea into a successful business with our 6-month startup training and development program for first-time entrepreneurs.

Your startup success
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Launch Academy offers a completely new way to support female entrepreneurs. The six month experience is designed specifically for women who have a business, or an idea for a business they want to explore. Test new ideas and build your business in a 6-month structured program that provides the education, mentorship, resources and support you need to succeed.


Starts April 30, 2019

6-month structured program


Mentoring & Coaching

an early-stage accelerator


From $595 / mo.

Payment plans available.

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Launch Academy will take you through every aspect of launching and growing your business. We're here to step on the gas with you, connect you to funding sources, mentor you, and help you understand better how to make your business quick, agile, effective, and profitable.

One-to-one feedback and performance coaching

The backbone of Luna's accelerators are the monthly mastermind calls with experienced business mentors. Learn from the best, and put new ideas into action with written assignments and designed to move your business forward.


Each month you will also participate in group coaching sessions with a performance coach. Your coach will help you translate what you are learning into action and inspire lasting change for you personally and professionally.

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Learn the secrets of success from industry experts.

Featuring special guest entrepreneurs, our secrets of success calls allow founders to talk directly with successful entrepreneurs, asking questions and gaining invaluable advice.


These high-level women support, guide and inspire emerging founders as they share their wisdom and experience. Connection with entrepreneurs of this caliber is just one of the exclusive and unique opportunities this program offers.

Online classes designed to work with your busy life.

Launch Academy is designed to come to you and fit around your busy life. Classes are offered live in our virtual classroom, and you will be able to access course materials anytime, anywhere, on your mobile.


In addition to your personal mentoring calls, you will be invited to Luna Live, an unforgettable learning event and Demo Day in Washington, DC, where you will be able to  meet mentors and classmates in person.

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Motivational Speaker
A network of opportunity...

The life of an entrepreneur can be challenging, there are obstacles and roadblocks all along the way. That’s why it’s important to have the support of a strong community who understand how it feels and are navigating the same journey.


You’ll find a community that has your back, supporting you by providing referrals, offering advice when you have questions, elevating you in your time of need and celebrating with you when you’re finding success.

Who it's for...

Launch Academy is uniquely designed for...

• aspiring entrepreneurs with a business idea.

• new entrepreneurs who want to grow their business.

• executives looking to innovate in their current role.

Your journey over 6-months

Launch Academy offers a results-driven curriculum with an emphasis on "learning by doing" as well as mentorship and coaching. Challenge yourself as you test new ideas in a safe and nurturing environment surrounded by a tribe of like-minded women.

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How it works.

This program is for first-time entrepreneurs and early-stage business owners who want to explore the feasibility of their business ideas and receive the support needed to bring their idea to life.  Accelerate your startup growth during this 12-week immersive program that combines hands-on learning with high-impact business mentoring and extensive business workshops.

“Luna gave us a home, a network and a place where we felt that we belonged." 

– Amy Lynch, Los Angeles, CA

"As a female founder, some of your biggest challenges will be dealing with isolation and overcoming self-doubt. Luna's  community of like-minded entrepreneurs will help you build your confidence, so you can get your amazing idea off the ground.”

Kim Cayce

 CEO for Luna