Introducing Luna: A New Model for Empowering Female Entrepreneurs.

Ideas come easy. But starting a business is hard. Luna aims to help the new breed of female entrepreneurs get the resources they need to succeed.

Luna Startup Labs | Accelerator for Women Entrepreneurs

Women entrepreneurs are starting more businesses than ever before. Yet despite their ambition, women-led startups continue to face challenges getting fair access to capital, challenges getting equal access to federal contracts, and challenges getting relevant business training and mentoring. Luna is uniquely designed to activate female leaders, and our aim is to better address these challenges and promote economic equity in women-led companies.

At the same time, the world is changing fast. The old ways of doing things are breaking down, and a new breed of talented female entrepreneurs is emerging.They’re starting stronger, scaling faster, and kicking more glass than ever before. They’re thinking digital-first, building their own their networks, and working on their mindset as well as their skills. Luna is been committed to advancing this new breed of female founders and helping them do their best work.

Luna offers a completely new model for startup training and development. Each program takes place online and in-person. The hybrid experience is designed to bring the accelerator to the entrepreneur and fit around her professional career. Entrepreneurs get access to hands-on learning, insights from industry leaders, valuable feedback, personal coaching, media opportunities, and the network they need to build, launch, grow and thrive.

The backbone of the accelerator, according to Kim Cayce, Luna’s founder and CEO, is the regular feedback and mentoring from carefully selected industry experts. Additional personalized coaching sessions tackle confidence and resilience issues, giving women the tools to overcome blind spots and continue to grow personally and professionally, even in highly competitive industries.

If you are a woman with a business, or an idea for a business, Luna is here to accelerate your success. We look forward to meeting you and sharing more about our programs. Thanks for stopping by, and please sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the page!

To learn more about Luna's business acceleration programs visit the Get Started.

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